Quantitative Neural Network based CFD – S&P 500 Forex – Eur/Usd and Crypto – Bitcoin Free Trading Signals

Copy trading effortlessly free trading signals generated by a powerful quantitative neural network based trading system on S&P 500, Eur/Usd and Bitcoin. Now you have the chance to manage yourself your Futures, Forex, CFD, or Crypto broker accounts like a professional trader, forgetting about dangerous scalping, grid or intraday trading strategies.

CLICK ON the above charts to see Trading Performance
Check OPEN POSITIONS tab above. First time you must enter password “Neural”.

You can copy trading these quantitative signals in two different ways: First one is from your Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 broker account , simply clicking on MT4 or MT5 buttons below, and then on Metatrader page click on the FREE button to allow your account copy trading the signals . Second one is manually copy trading them, checking two or three times a day at least, at the Open Positions tab if there are any new signals and execute them ASAP ( only a few signals per week, so they aren’t too much hard to manually follow ). If you have any questions, ask them in the support blog .

Some tips about the copy trading leverage :

Bitcoin signals with 1:1 maximum leverage, but we trade them with 0,5:1 or less.

EurUsd signals never exceed 5:1, although we trade them with 2:1.